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Colored LED Bulbs

Colored LED Bulbs

Available in a variety of colors and bulb shapes, there is no end to the uses you'll find for colored LED light bulbs. As the name implies, colored LED bulbs produce a colored light that is best used for ambient and decorative lighting. Whether you are decorating for a party, improving the look of your yard, or just looking for something a little different for your room, has you covered.

Bulb Shapes

We offer a variety of bulb shapes to fit your needs. Colored A19s feature a standard shape that can be used in most general lighting fixtures, such as lamps, sconces, and porch lights. Our colored MR16 bulbs have a GU5.3 base and are ideal for use in enclosed landscape fixtures. A great choice for outdoor flood lights, colored PAR38s can be used to provide some backlighting for patios or set off landscaping. Looking for a versatile bulb? Colored S14s can be used in a variety of applications including patio string lights and marquee signs.

Colored LEDs for Christmas through Halloween and Everything in Between

Different colors can be used for different applications, whether it's showing your team spirit or lighting up a graveyard for Halloween. Here is a quick run though on the colors we carry and what they can be used for. Come up with something fantastic not mentioned below? Share your pictures on our Facebook page for a shout-out and customer spotlight feature.

  • Draw attention to pools and water features with a blue LED light. The blue tone gives the water an inviting lagoon-like appearance. Blue LEDs also can be used to show support for various causes, such as Autism Awareness Month.
  • Green is a top choice for landscaping since it helps accentuate shrubbery and other plants. Having a St. Patrick's Day party? Add a few green bulbs to your patio stringer for a festive look. Green LEDs can also be used to show support for veterans.
  • Red LED bulbs aren't just for Christmas. Use them to turn up the heat for Valentine's Day and Fourth of July. They can also be used to set off landscaping architecture or create a fiery glow for Halloween decorations.
  • Yellow LED bulbs create a cheery light that can be used in restaurants, gardens, and patios.
  • Halloween is the perfect time to break out orange LED bulbs to provide a spooky finishing touch to decorations, or mix them with other colors for a patio stringer that can be used year-round.
  • Amber LED bulbs can be used to create a warm atmosphere ideal for parties. When paired with landscape lighting, they can dramatically set off garden sculptures.

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