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LED Panels and Troffers

LED Panel Lights: Fluorescent Troffer Replacements

Experience the difference LED light panels can make in offices, schools, and other commercial buildings. These ceiling light panels are designed to be a cost and energy efficient alternative to traditional fluorescent troffers by using a fraction of the power consumption and lasting years longer. These LED panels are also available in DLC 4.0 rated options to allow you to take advantage of rebates. Instant on to full brightness, these LED panels feature a shatter-resistant lens and are sold individually or in 2-packs.

Available LED Light Panel Options

Choose the panel light that's right for your commercial space with our multi-size options for t-grid ceilings. The color temperatures of these fixtures include cool white (4000 Kelvin) or stark white (5000 Kelvin) light that studies have shown can help increase productivity in the workplace. The integrated LEDs produce a high output of up to 7000 Lumens. Some of our ceiling light panels are also dimmable with 0-10V dimmers and may be compatible with motion sensors to customize your lighting and save even more on energy.

Unlike traditional troffers that can be very bulky, LED panels have an incredibly thin design, making them ideal for applications with shallow ceilings. They only weigh about seven pounds each making them lightweight enough to allow for one-man installation, reducing labor costs whether retrofitting an office or installing panels in new construction. Each LED light panel comes with a built-in LED driver to eliminate compatibility issues and help you install your fixtures quickly. Designed primarily for drop-ceilings or drywall ceilings, these LED panels are remarkably easy to install. Once the integrated LED driver has been properly wired, tabs on the back of the fixture must be bent for the panel light to hang directly from the drop ceiling. Some of our LED panels also have the option of being suspension mounted with the right mounting hardware for greater versatility.

How the Light is Distributed

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), a well-distributed diffused light is ideal in the workplace to help reduce eye strain and the potential for employees to be negatively affected by glare. The low-glare lens of these LED panels also helps eliminate dark spots and, thereby reducing the number of fixtures needed to cover the area.

Tunable Color Temperature LED Panels

Don't want to be stuck with one color light? Tunable LED panels are controlled wirelessly with a wall unit or hand-held remote. Studies done in schools have shown that tunable lighting has an impact on test scores, productivity, and learning. A brighter color temperature promoted focus and higher scores during testing while a warmer color temperature decreased hyperactivity and behavioral issues. By switching to LED, offices and schools can eliminate the distracting flicker and buzz of fluorescents at the end of their life hours. Tunable lighting is also an excellent option for conference rooms where the preferred intensity can be set for different tasks including meetings, presentations, and collaborative projects.

Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlights

Don't have a t-grid ceiling? Ultra-thin LED downlights are equally good at fitting into ceilings with a shallow plenum. The compact design is good for hallways, retail spaces, boutiques, and homes where a full LED panel may be overpowering for the space. IC rated LED downlights do not require a housing and can be safely installed into new construction or insulated ceilings. Just like LED panels, installation only takes a few minutes. Detailed installation instructions are available on most product pages and our YouTube channel.

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