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Rope Light Kits

Complete Rope Lighting Kits

These all-in-one rope light kits are a quick and easy way to add dramatic lighting to any indoor or outdoor space. These kits can be interconnected up to 150 feet without the need for splicing or extra tools required. Available in incandescent or LED, clear or colored, you're sure to find the right rope light for your accent, task, or event lighting needs. All of our rope light kits are flashable, and our incandescent rope light kits are dimmable. Each of these kits include 12 clips and screws, 12 tie straps, and one molded power cord.

Color Options for Rope Light Kits

Our selection of rope light kits can be found in a wide variety of colors including green, red, blue, and more. Keep in mind purple lights will typically be closer in hue to pink than blue. While the colors of white rope lights are not measured in Kelvin, we offer three white variations. The warm white rope lights are similar to the white light of traditional incandescent bulbs. Cool white is a bright white light that can appear almost blue. This color is good for task-oriented installations like under cabinet lighting. Pearl white rope lights produce a very warm light in a hue bordering yellow.