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Safety Glow Light Sticks

Cyalume 9-44340 - Light Sticks
(Case of 50) NSN 6260-01-209-4434 - 1.5 in. Mini ChemLight - Green - 4 Hours
  • Brand: Cyalume
  • MPN (Part No.): 9-44340
  • Safety Rating: N/A
  • Color: Green

  • NSN: 6260-01-209-4434
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Length: 1.5 in.
  • Case Quantity: 50
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$0.55 ea.
Sold only by the Case of 50 for $27.30


The Cyalume Difference

Since they do not rely on batteries or electricity, Cyalume light sticks are a safe, reliable alternative to traditional emergency lighting. These emergency light sticks emit light that is brighter and last longer than standard glow sticks making them an excellent choice for any emergency situation where you need a bright signal like a roadside car break down. Add these safety glow light sticks to your home's blackout safety kit to replace candles and flashlights to reduce the risk of fire or hazardous battery leaks. Cyalume's military grade ChemLights can be color coded for shift signals, drop zone, and hazard markers. They are recommended for use during training and land, sea, and air operations. Their line of LightShape circle markers are perfect for making sure your kids are seen on while trick-or-treating or jogging at night. All Cyalume products are waterproof and toxic-free.