To Speak to a U.S. Based Lighting Pro


Sola Ballast USA, also known as Industrias Sola Basic (ISB), has been providing customers with magnetic/electronic ballasts, transformers, power conditioners, and backup systems for 46 years. The company is known for their in-depth knowledge of the lighting industry, including the protection of sensitive equipment from power irregularities. On a continuous search for new techniques for design and manufacturing, ISB undergoes rigorous testing and quality control along with using the top materials available. They hold International Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008, which guarantees the design, manufacture and marketing of the most complete ballasts for all types of lighting, energy carriers, voltage regulators and other major product lines.

Headquartered in Mexico City, this international manufacturer commands 70% of the Mexican/Latin American market. They constantly make an innovative effort to develop new products to better meet every lighting and regulation requirement. ISB exports goods around the world with strategically placed and well-stocked distribution centers in Mexico, as well as South America, the United States and Canadian markets. Each of their facilities features the latest technology of fully computerized machinery, which allows for maximum efficiency. ISB specializes in in-house research, design and development, and manufacturing for the sale of its own technology.

For the United States market, ISB currently produces a complete range of electronic fluorescent, magnetic fluorescent, compact fluorescent, HID F-can, plastic sign, and magnetic HID ballasts. Each SOLA ballast is UL/CSA-approved and carries a standard manufacturer’s warranty. SOLA offers a standard three-year factory warranty on all high-intensity discharge and magnetic fluorescent ballasts, as well as a five-year warranty on all electronic fluorescent ballasts. These ballasts are the finest in quality and are the most competitively priced in the industry. ISB utilizes the highest-grade steel and copper available, and every SOLA ballast passes quality-control standards that are incomparable to the rest of the industry.

A fluorescent lamp requires a ballast to manage the energy that runs through it. Magnetic ballasts are an older style and, while more powerful, tend to be noisier unless silenced in an F-Can type ballast. High-frequency electronic ballasts are newer and much quieter. The company’s website contains detailed information about each available type of ballast, with cross references for compatibility and warranty information, as well as a list of any newly designed and manufactured products. ISB is capable of customizing ballasts to fit special requests or requirements. In addition, the company is passionate about environmental stewardship and manufactures products that focus on saving energy as well as protecting the environment.