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Battery Operated Christmas Lights

Why Use Battery Operated Christmas Lights?

'Tis the season for caroling, hot chocolate and, of course, Christmas lights! However, your lighting designs will typically be limited by the location of a power outlet or the reach of your extension cord. A good way to break away from traditional holiday lighting to something extraordinary is by using battery operated Christmas lights. With just a few batteries and the flip of a switch, you can add some festive illumination to areas around your home that don't have a nearby power source. These types of string lights are an excellent way to decorate smaller projects and areas like centerpieces on the dining room table, wreaths on the front door, mantles above the fireplace, and garland wrapped around stair handrails. Most battery powered Christmas lights run on a timer to help conserve battery life. The specific on/off cycle differs depending on the manufacturer.

Types of Battery Powered Lights

Our selection of battery operated Christmas lights include traditional incandescent mini string lights as well as LED options which include the vivid bright wide angle LED light strings. These Christmas light strings have the classic look of standard mini string lights without the power cord. Just like our incandescent and LED mini string lights, our battery powered strings will stay lit in the event one bulb goes out. Choose from a wide range of bulb colors, including green, amber, and multi-colored. Please note that our purple lights tend to appear closer to red than blue on the purple scale. Most of these string lights come in either green or white wire options.

For less traditional holiday lighting, browse our selection of InvisiLite LED lights. Our InvisiLite LEDs come in three options: light strings, supernova lights, and LED spheres. The InvisiLite LED light strings feature small tear drop shaped LEDs embedded in ultra-thin wire to seamlessly blend in with greenery. The supernova lights have wire branches with small LEDs at the tips and are an excellent choice for DIY projects like centerpieces for wedding receptions or holiday dinners. These lights include six different lighting functions including steady on, shimmer, starfield, chaser, lightning, and stacker, giving you plenty of options for your application. Our LED spheres contain 24 individual LEDs inside a 6-inch wide plastic sphere and can be set to one of three lighting functions: steady-on, fade-to-dim, and twinkle.

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