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C7 Christmas Light Bulbs

The same size as a nightlight bulb, these bulbs are available in a large assortment of colors including solid white and clear. Incandescent C7 bulbs are double or tripped dipped in color for increased richness and added protection against fading and chipping. Using around 5 Watts, incandescent C7 bulbs are dimmable with most dimmers and have a candelabra (E12) base. When making custom strings or replacing failed bulbs, remember that your total wattage must stay under the listed maximum wattage rating. Exceeding this rating can cause bulbs to fail faster and create a potential fire hazard. If you need a longer run of lights for your project, consider using LED C7 Christmas bulbs instead.

Incandescent C7 light bulbs can be used to decorate a variety of indoor and outdoor applications when paired with Christmas strings and spools. These lights can be nestled in greenery, strung along porches and overhangs, or wrapped around columns or posts. When a bulb fails, the rest of the string will stay lit as long as the failed bulb is left in the socket. Be sure to replace failed bulbs as soon as possible.

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