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C9 Christmas Light Bulbs

Dimmable with most dimmers, incandescent C9 bulbs are slightly larger than C7s and have an intermediate (E17) base. These bulbs are double or triple dipped to add richness and depth to colors, and to also help protect against fading and chipping. Incandescent C9 bulbs use around 7 Watts. To avoid overloading your string and creating a potential fire hazard, make sure you don't exceed the maximum wattage rating for your strings. For projects requiring longer runs of light, use LED C9 Christmas bulbs instead as these bulbs use far less wattage.

Incandescent C9 bulbs are a popular choice for outlining rooflines, fences, driveways, and paths because they can been seen from a distance. The lights can also be used to brighten greenery, patios, gazeebos, and other locations for parties and events throughout the year. When a bulb fails, be sure to replace it as soon as possible. The string will still continue to light as long as the failed bulb is left in the socket.

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