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California Compliant Bulbs

In order to reach its goal of relying on zero-emission energy sources by the year 2045, the state of California has enacted a series of regulations designed to reduce the amount of electricity used in both homes and businesses. These regulations include Title 20 and JA8, both of which are updated every few of years. Per these regulations lighting must at least meet Title 20 in order to be sold in California.

Title 20 Compliant Lighting

The first set of efficiency standards set by the California Energy Commission (CEC), Title 20 applies to a variety of LED lamps including general service, directional, recessed, and decorative lamps with candelabra (E12), intermediate (E17), medium (E26), and GU-24 bases. Title 20 compliant bulbs must meet several requirements, including producing at least 68 Lumens per Watt and having a minimum rated life of 10,000 hours. LED MR16 bulbs (referred to as small-diameter directional lamps), however, must produce at least 80 Lumens per Watt and have a life span of at least 25,000 hours. Other lamps types, such as CFLs and halogens, can also be certified as long as they meet certain requirements.

JA8 Compliant Lighting

As part of the January 2017 revisions to Title 24, JA8 compliant bulbs are required for new construction, renovations, and additions to residential and commercial buildings. Along with strict dimming, color rendering, and life span requirements, JA8 bulbs must produce at least 45 Lumens per Watt and turn on to full brightness in less than 0.5 seconds. Certified bulbs are listed with the CEC and are required in order to pass final inspection.

Benefits of California Compliant Bulbs

Switching to Title 20 and JA8 bulbs can help reduce energy costs. The longer life span also helps reduce time and money spent on replacements. JA8 bulbs have the added benefit of having a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or more. These bulbs help make colors appear brighter and more vivid, making them a popular choice for showcasing art work and merchandise. Depending on where you live, Title 20 and JH8 bulbs may also qualify for rebates through state or local utility companies. Keep in mind that though these bulbs are not currently required outside of California, other states do tend to follow California's energy regulations within a few years.

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