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California Compliant Bulbs - MR16

Install California compliant LED MR16 bulbs in fixtures to save on energy costs and meet the state’s regulations, which are stricter than the requirements in other states. The state’s regulations for include Title 20 and JA8 which cover bulbs used in homes and businesses. For more information on these regulations, visit the California Energy Commission’s website.

Multifaceted bulbs, which are also known as MR16 bulbs, are ideal for track, recessed, and landscape lighting. LED MR16s are designed to replace traditional halogens bulbs and use much less energy to save you money. If you’re unsure of what LED MR you need, measure the diameter of the bulb. MR16 bulbs are 2 inches in diameter.

Be sure to know what base type you need for your fixtures when shopping for bulbs. GU5.3 based bulbs have two straight pins spaced 5.3 millimeters apart. GU10 based bulb, on the other hand, have thicker pins with knobs at the end that allow the bulb to twist and lock into the socket.