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California Compliant Bulbs - PAR30 Long Neck

Install PAR30 long neck California Compliant bulbs to save on energy costs and meet the state’s requirements. These requirements include JA8 and Title 20. JA8 bulbs must have a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90. Title 20 bulbs must have high lumens per watt and rated life. Long neck bulbs that meet JA8 and Title 20 may qualify for rebates through state or local utility companies. Visit the California Energy Commission’s website for more information on the state’s regulations.

PAR30 long necks have a diameter of just under 4 inches, making them ideal for use in 4-inch recessed can lights. Use a bulb changer with suction cups or bulb changer heads if you’re having trouble changing the bulbs in high ceiling fixtures.