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Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs

Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs

Are the lights in your fan burning out too soon? Buy specialty ceiling fan light bulbs designed with a reinforced filament that helps the bulbs withstand the constant vibrations from fans. This helps extends the life of the bulb and protects against premature burnouts.

130 Volt vs. 120 Volt

Some ceiling fan light bulbs operate using 130 Volts. If used with 120 Volt fixtures, 130 Volt ceiling fan bulbs use 15% less energy but produce 24% less light. The tradeoff is a longer lifespan up to 2.5 times the rated life. These dimmable bulbs are available in two shapes. A15 bulbs have the same shape and appearance as regular A19s but are smaller. R14s reflector bulbs are suitable for use in vent hoods and cabinet lights in addition to ceiling fans.

Ceiling fan light bulbs typically generate lower amounts of light. You can get around this by using a higher wattage bulb. Just make sure that the wattage doesn't go over what the fixture is rated for. Another option is using 120 Volt LED ceiling fan light bulbs. These bulbs use LED diodes instead of filaments, so they are not affected by vibrations.

Tips for Using Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs

Ceiling fan light bulbs can be used outdoors as long as they are protected from the elements. If you need a more diffused light, use a frosted ceiling fan light. These bulbs are not designed for microwaves, ovens, or refrigerators. You will need to purchase a general appliance bulb for these applications.

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