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Christmas Light Stringers and Spools

Spread cheer during the holiday season by making your own custom light runs using these Christmas light stringers and spools from!

Providing various bulb spacing and length options, stringers and spools are suitable for use with both incandescent and LED bulbs (sold separately). These strings can be used for a wide range of applications, from making a festive display outside your home to massive indoor and outdoor displays for businesses. Custom light strings can be made using bulk wire, stringers, or spools.

Bulk Wire

Bulk wire allows you to create fully customizable strings designed specifically for your project. This wire comes without sockets or plugs. Sockets can be placed where needed and the wire can be cut to any desired length. When designing your light strings, be sure that you do not exceed the maximum wattage of the circuit. It is recommended that you use no more than 1,800 Watts on a 15-amp circuit. For a 20-amp circuit, you will need to stay under 2400 Watts.

Bulk wire is also used to create extension wires. These wires are used to connect light strings together and have become a more popular choice over regular extension cords. Extension wires are easier to conceal and can be made to the exact length needed for the display, cutting down on excess wire that can create a messy look.

Stringers and Spools

For projects where custom spacing isn't needed, use stringers and spools. Designed for use with C7 or C9 bulbs, these light strings have sockets already attached with pre-determined spacing. Ranging from 25 to 100 feet in length, stringers are used for shorter runs of light and are not meant to be cut to length. These lights will have either a male and female plug or just a male plug. Stringers with just a male plug cannot be connected end to end with other strings. Lights with a male and female plug can be connected ended to end, however make sure to check what the maximum number of connections is for the string.

Spools are available in much longer length, typically 500 to 1000 feet. While they do have C7 or C9 sockets, these strings do not come with end plugs and can be cut down to the lengths needed. Like bulk wire, you will need to make sure that you do go over the maximum wattage. You can keep the wattage to a minimum by using LED bulbs.

SPT-1 Wire vs SPT-2 Wire

Stringers, spools, and bulk wire are available in two different wire types: SPT-1 and SPT-2. Both wire types are the same with the only difference being the thickness of the insulation. SPT-1 wire insulation is around 0.030 inches thick and can be used with any seasonal display. This wire is able to withstand most weather conditions. SPT-2 wire is a little thicker, measuring 0.045 inches, and is recommended for lights that will be up longer than 90 days. This wire is also used in cold climates as it can withstand harsh conditions a little better.

Sockets and Plugs

Sockets and plugs are used for both repairing existing strings and making custom strings. They are made for specific wire types, so be sure to double check which type of wire your strings have. C7 and C9 sockets install quickly, snapping onto place on the wire. Plugs are available in two types: standard and inline. Standard plugs attach to the end of the wire while inline plugs are placed in the middle. Both sockets and plug are sold individually or in multi-packs for added convenience.

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