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Net Lights For Christmas

Why Use Net Lights For Your Christmas Decorating?

If you are looking to create an unforgettable holiday display or just want to accent a beautiful landscape or home, net lights give you the freedom to let your imagination run wild. With dimensions ranging from 12 to 24 square feet, the Christmas net lights at will bring beauty to a large area and cover a lot of ground when sets are connected to one another. Wrap them around tree trunks or lay them on top of bushes and these lights will surround your home with holiday cheer. Choose from the many different colors available to find the perfect net lights for your display.

LED Net Lights vs Incandescent

Incandescent net lights come in a variety of colors, all in the traditional shape you may be used to using on your tree. While not measured in Kelvin, white incandescent string lights tend to give off a warmer light than LED. However, they use more electricity and the bulbs don't last as long. LED net lights are available in different colors, bulb shapes, and colored wires. Wide angle LED net lights use a 5 mm concave lens to disperse light in a circular pattern, making them appear brighter from different angles instead of just straight on.

Both our LED net lights and incandescent net lights are fully rectified. One bulb going out will not cause the rest of the string to go out, so the rest of the net stays lit. For incandescent strings, the failed bulb needs to remain in the socket for the rest to light but should be replaced as soon as possible. Leaving it for too long will cause the other bulbs to draw too much power and increase the failure rate through the rest of the string. The LED strings are single piece molded construction, so the individual bulbs cannot be replaced. If one bulb on an LED string goes out, you can use an LED keeper and keeper PODS to repair the socket and maintain the electrical balance of the string. Incandescent and LED net lights are both UL listed for wet locations meaning both can be used outdoors in all kinds of weather.

Are the Net Lights Dimmable?

All incandescent light bulbs are dimmable on most dimmers. LED net lights may or may not be. Under "Specifications" on the product page, check that the string says "dimmable." Because of the low power draw, dimmable LED Christmas lights require a compatible LED dimmer. If your dimmer is only designed for incandescents, you'll either need to change out the dimmer or use another circuit and leave the net lights at full brightness.

How Many Lights Can You String Together?

Under "Specifications" on each product page, look for the "Max. Connections" value. This tells you the maximum number of strings that can be connected. Because incandescent bulbs each require a higher wattage, the maximum number of bulbs supported on a run is much smaller than LED strings. While you may only be able to connect two incandescent strings, you may be able to connect 25 sets of the same size LED net lights. It depends on the product, so always check. Exceeding the maximum run will overload the string, shorten the life of the bulbs, and potentially trip the breaker or become a fire hazard.