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Diogen LED Light String Systems

Commercial Christmas string lights like these Diogen LED light systems feature cables with coaxial connections that seal water out. These coaxial connections make these strings viable options for year-round use both indoors and outdoors.

Diogen commercial Christmas light systems are compatible with accessories like spacer wires, y-splitters, and a plug adapter the strings require in order to operate. The brand’s accessories cannot be interchanged with other brands due to the coaxial wiring ends unique to each brand. Diogen LED string light systems’ bulb shapes include traditional M5 mini lights and C9 bulbs.

These commercial Christmas string light systems are available in a variety of colors including warm white, red, blue, and multi-color. The stringers are made with green wire, making them ideal for hanging in real Christmas trees or artificial trees designed to look like the real thing. These light strings can have up to 66 connections depending on the string.

These LED string lights, which do not have replaceable bulbs, are built with a single piece molded construction design to prevent water from getting into their sockets. This design makes them safe for outdoor use. Additionally, the string will still stay lit even if one bulb is out.

Sometimes different batches of string lights are colored a little differently if they’re constructed at different times. If you plan to use multiple strings of the same color, it's recommended to buy all your stringers at the same time.