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Halogen Under Cabinet Light Bulbs

Halogen under cabinet light bulbs are affordable replacements for under cabinet lighting fixtures that provide high color rendering index (CRI). High CRI lighting makes colors look crisp and vibrant. Xenon options have the same benefits as halogen under cabinet lights, but also burn brighter and cooler.

Make sure you know what base your bulb has when determining which halogen under cabinet light bulb you’re choosing as a replacement. The base type is often printed on the bulb or fixture, but if not, this can be determined by measuring the pin spacing in millimeters or just looking at the pins. The numerical in the name of the base type typically indicates the spacing between the pins. For example, G4 bases have 4 millimeters between pins. For more information about halogen and xenon bi-pin bulbs, check at this blog post from 1000bulbs.