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A-Style High Output LED Retrofits

A-Style High Output LED Retrofit Lamps

Upgrade to LED lighting while keeping your existing HID fixtures by retrofitting with these A-shaped high output LED retrofit bulbs. These retrofits are designed to work in a wide range of indoor and outdoor light fixtures. Use them in post tops, high bay fixtures, ceiling lights, bollards, and much more.

Benefits of Retrofitting with High Output Bulbs

High output LED retrofit bulbs provide a variety of benefits. These LED light bulbs provide the same high output light of HID bulbs while using just a fraction of the energy, reducing energy costs. Not only do these lamps provide exceptional energy savings, they also last far longer than older lighting technologies for reduced maintenance costs.

Another benefit of these high output LED retrofit light bulbs is that they don't require a ballast. If your fixture has a ballast, it must be removed (or bypassed) during installation. The fixture must also be rewired so that the new LED lamp will operate on the fixture's line voltage. By bypassing the ballast, you are removing a potential failure point and eliminating any maintenance costs and compatibility issues associated with ballasts.

High Output Retrofit LED Bulb Options

High output LED retrofit light bulbs are available in a variety of shapes, bases, and color temperature options. These bulbs have the same a-shape as standard household A19 lamps, but are slightly larger in size. These light bulbs typically come in three bulb shapes: LED A21, LED A23, and LED AP23. They are also available with either medium (E26), mogul (E39), or extended mogul (EX39) bases. Color temperatures for these retrofit light bulbs range from 3000 Kelvin up to 5000 Kelvin. Some bulbs are color selectable, meaning you can choose the desired color temperature using a switch on the bulb.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right High Output LED Bulbs

When browsing high output LED bulbs, be sure to take note of the bulb's burn position. This tells you the position and angle of which the light will operate best. The most common burn positions are:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Base Up
  • Base Down

You should also be sure to compare the length and diameter of your old bulb to any new LED retrofits you plan on purchasing. HID retrofit light bulbs tend to run slightly larger than traditional lighting, with high wattage bulbs being fairly large. With open fixtures such as high bays, this won't be much of an issue. However, in enclosed fixtures there may not be enough space to accommodate a large bulb. For this reason, we strongly recommend measuring the space inside the fixture to ensure any new light bulbs are the correct size and will fit.

For help finding the right high output LED retrofit light bulbs for your application, call 1-800-624-4488 to speak with one of our lighting experts.