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Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths for Your Front Door

Vickerman Christmas wreaths are a beautiful statement piece that can make your front door the envy of the neighborhood. Whether you're keeping it simple or going all-out, these Christmas wreaths give you the flexibility to express your own style. Selecting artificial greenery means there's no messy leaves or needles to sweep off the front porch or vacuum up inside. A quick fluff of the foliage is all that's required year to year after you take your wreath out of the box or storage. The pre-lit strings are professionally wrapped into the wreaths in a way that helps hide the wiring. The string lights in these pre-lit wreaths are available in both incandescent and LED options as well as several color choices including clear, frosted, and multi-color.

Are the Individual Lights Replaceable?

Christmas wreaths with incandescent strings come with replacement lamps and fuses. Our LED strings are single piece molded construction, so the bulbs are not replaceable. If a single bulb goes out, the rest of the string will stay lit for both incandescent and LED pre-lit wreaths, as long as the bulb remains in the socket. For incandescent strings, you should replace the bulb as soon as possible to avoid the others drawing too much power and starting to burn out. If a single LED bulb burns out, you can either leave it or repair around it using an LED keeper and PODs.

How to Hang a Wreath Without Damaging the Door

Options for hanging a wreath on a door are the same whether inside or out. If your door doesn't already have a hook, there are a couple ways to hang a wreath that doesn't require putting a nail in your door. First is a wreath hook. The metal hook latches over the door and hangs down with a hook for the wreath. It sits flush against the door and is flat enough that it doesn't hinder the door closing. There are also magnetic hooks for glass doors or windows. The two piece metal hook is placed on either side of the glass; you just need to make sure the weight of the wreath is not too heavy for the hook. Brick clips can be used to hang Christmas wreaths on the side of the house or over the mantle if you have a brick fireplace or accent wall.

Types of Wreaths

Our Christmas wreaths use PVC tips designed to mimic the look of different foliage including fir and pine to create a cohesive look if hung near a similar style Christmas tree. . We also carry wreaths that are designed to make a bold statement. Instead of resembling real tree branches, these wreaths come in bold colors like bright red or white. Don't quite see what you want? Give us a call and we can special order additional wreaths not available online. Speak with an account manager at 1-800-624-4488.