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Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent Light Bulbs

Whether it's an A-shape, pear shape, reflector, or decorative style, has the right incandescent bulb to fit your lighting application. Find a wide selection of the most commonly used bulb in the United States for residential or commercial use today:

Antique and Vintage

Antique bulbs are reproductions of bulbs made in the 19th century. These beautiful creations are popular in restaurants, retail stores, and of course, home restorations.

C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs

C7 and C9 bulbs are well-known for their use in Christmas lights, though they are also used in marquees, signs, and night lights.

Code Beacon

Code beacon bulbs are high-wattage, high-output bulbs used on the roofs of buildings and in radio towers.

Decorative Chandelier

Used in chandeliers, sconces, and electric candles these bulbs replicate the look of a flame. The most popular versions are straight tip and bent tip, but we also carry prism bulbs, satin string bulbs, and flicker flame bulbs.

Decorative Globe

Found in holiday lights and outdoor light stringers, as well as bathroom vanities, globe bulbs are a great decorative accent to any home.

Grow Lights

Add the natural light your plant needs for indoor growth. Commonly used in in greenhouses and indoor gardens, it can also be utilized to develop seedlings.

Heat Lamps

Infrared heat lamps are heaters you can screw into a light socket. They are commonly used in food warmers, buffets, and household bathrooms.

Low Voltage Light Bulbs

Have an RV or a camper? Chances are you use one of these 12 or 24 volt bulbs. Other applications include landscape and outdoor lighting.

Microwave Light Bulbs

Replace the dim light in your microwave to see when your food is properly warmed.

Pool Light Bulbs

Brighten up your swimming pool with underwater illumination to accentuate your outdoor pool.

S6, S11, and S14 Indicator

Found in everything from heavy machinery to instrument panels, S-type bulbs are also widely used in signs, marquees, and amusement park rides.

Shatter Resistant

With the assistance of a protective coating, shatter resistant bulbs are the ideal choice when it comes to safety standards. Prevent potential hazards for nearly any application by shopping our wide selection.

Silver Bowl

Used in restaurant pendant lights and other base-up fixtures, silver bowl bulbs have a reflective coating on the top of the bulb that redirects light so it is refracted by the fixture's shade to reduce glare.

Flood Lights and Spot Lights

Incandescent spot and flood lights are popular options for recessed cans in homes and businesses. Spot and Flood lights are a good choice for covered outdoor fixtures.

A21, A19, and A15

Standard shape incandescent light bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes for nearly any household application! The more popular A21, A19, and A15 standard shaped light bulbs are commonly used for lamps, ceiling fans, and residential fixtures. Special application incandescent bulbs rough service and appliance bulbs are also available for specialized applications.

Traffic Signal Lights

Traffic signal bulbs are a specialty bulb used in old-fashioned traffic lights.


Tubular bulbs are used in applications as varied as exit signs, picture lamps, household appliances, vacuum cleaners, and as replacement bulbs for microwave ovens.

Yellow Bug Lights

Our yellow bug lights, are especially popular to deter pesky insects. By coloring a bulb yellow, the color temperature is decreased and the wavelengths, which attract flying insects, are increased. The result is a spectrum which is unseen by insects.