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Incandescent Christmas Light Bulbs

Incandescent Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs

Our selection of incandescent Christmas light bulbs includes clear or colored globe bulbs, candelabra bulbs, C7, and C9 lights. These replacement Christmas lights can be used in indoor and outdoor installations, and since they are incandescent, they are dimmable with most dimmers. The C7 and C9 replacement Christmas light bulbs are triple-dipped in color to make your lighting design really pop. For outdoor lighting displays in snowier regions, we recommend using LED Christmas bulbs instead of incandescents. LEDs are better equipped to handle freezing temperatures than incandescent bulbs.

Difference Between C7 and C9 Christmas Lights

Both C9 and C7 Christmas lights were developed by General Electric (GE) in the late 1920s and early 1930s. These bulbs are named "C" for their candle or conical shape with the number representing the diameter of the bulb in eights of an inch. Therefore, C9 Christmas lights are slighter larger than C7 Christmas lights by about half an inch. C7 and C9 lights have a specific base that fits into a certain socket on Christmas light strings and spools. C7 lights have a candelabra E12 base while C9s have an intermediate E17 base. Another difference between the two sizes is the amount of wattage they draw. C9 light bulbs use about 7 1Watts per bulb and C7 light bulbs use about 5 Watts with the specific wattage depending on the brand. When replacing your Christmas light bulbs or purchasing new string lights, be sure you don't exceed the maximum Wattage rating. Doing so will increase the failure rate and could become a potential fire hazard.

What Happens When One Bulb Goes Out?

Our string lights are very reliable. If one bulb goes fails, the rest of the string should stay lit as long as the failed bulb remains in the socket. However, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Delaying replacement will cause the other bulbs to draw too much power and increase the failure rate throughout the remaining lamps.

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