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LED Corn Bulbs

LED Corn Light Bulbs

Improve lighting in commercial and industrial applications when you retrofit existing fixtures with LED corn bulbs. Designed to replace metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps, these lamps are a great energy efficient alternative to traditional HID lamps commonly used in enclosed post top fixtures, high bay lights, and other similar applications.

What Are LED Corn Bulbs?

Corn lamps are cylindrical LED retrofit lamps that get their name from their appearance. Each lamp has vertical rows of LED diodes running the length of the bulb. The diodes resemble kernels of corn, giving the bulb a strong resemblance to cobs of corn.

LED corn bulbs are available in a range of Kelvin color temperatures from very warm white light resembling the color of high-pressure sodium bulbs (2200 Kelvin) to the near daylight white light (5000 Kelvin). Some corn lamps are color selectable, allowing you to select the color temperature during installation and later change it if needed. To better customize your application, we carry a wide variety of beam angle options, brands, and base types.

Benefits of Retrofitting with LED Corn Lamps

When compared to traditional light bulbs, these LED lamps produce the same amount of light output while using far less energy for reduced energy costs. In addition to being more energy efficient, LED corn lights have a higher Lumen maintenance than standard metal halide lamps. This means that that while HID bulbs lose Lumens quickly, LED retrofits maintain a bright light throughout their long lifespan. Their longer life also helps lower utility costs.

Like other LED retrofit lamps, these light bulbs can be used in your existing fixture. All you need to do is bypass the ballast during installation. This reduces maintenance costs and compatibility issues associated with ballasts. It also eliminates a future failure point from the fixture, as well as reduces the overall system wattage.

Types of LED Corn Cob Lamps

1000bulbs offers a variety of corn bulbs:

  • Standard corn bulbs come in a variety of sizes and can produce well over 20,000 lumens.
  • Adjustable beam angle corn lamps feature adjustable panels that allow you to change the beam angle to fit the needs of your space.
  • Hazardous location lamps are designed to be used in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations.
  • T-shaped bulbs have a more streamlined appearance that's ideal for use in open fixtures such as warehouse lights.

Be sure to pay close attention to the corn light bulb measurements. LED lamps tend to be slightly larger than traditional bulbs, especially the high wattage lamps. Some high wattage lamps may also have minimum lamp compartment restrictions. We strongly recommend measuring the inside of your lighting fixture to ensure that the LED corn bulb will fit and have enough space.

Don't know which LED corn bulb is best for your application? Reach out to our expert in-house staff today!