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Explosion Proof Lighting

5093 Lumens - Linear Explosion-Proof Fixture - LED - Class 1 Div 2 Rated - 40 Watt - 150 Watt Metal Halide Equal - 5000 Kelvin - 120-277 Volt - PLT PremiumSpec - PLTS-11959


$362.63 ea.


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What is Explosion Proof Lighting?

Explosion proof lighting is an essential safety measure in any environment where volatile or flammable materials are present. At, we offer a range of explosion proof lighting solutions to meet the needs of various applications. Our selection includes explosion proof linear LED fixtures, explosion proof round LED fixtures, and explosion proof LED corn bulbs.

Where Are Explosion Proof Lights Used?

Explosion proof lights are used in a wide range of settings, including laboratories, food and beverage facilities, oil refineries, gas plants, and fabrication shops. Explosion proof lighting fixtures and bulbs are specially designed to prevent any spark or ignition that could cause an explosion.

Explosion Proof Lighting Ratings

Explosion proof lights are rated based on the specific environment they are designed to operate in. Our current selection of explosion proof lighting at 1000Bulbs is classified as Class 1 Div 2 rated. This means that these lights are suitable for areas where flammable gases and liquids may be present but would only be in ignitable concentrations under abnormal circumstances. These lighting solutions are built to withstand hazardous environments and provide the highest level of safety for your facility.