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Vintage LED Light Bulbs

Vintage LED Filament Bulbs

Add a touch of vintage flare to your home or business by using these antique LED filament bulbs. Matching the look of vintage incandescent bulbs, these LED filament lamps produce the same warm light while being more energy efficient. These vintage replica bulbs have a clear glass finish to help show off the filaments, however amber tinted or frosted finish are also available. Since these bulbs typically have a lower Lumen output compared to standard LED light bulbs, they are used for purely decorative purposes and are best suited for fixtures like sconces and pendants. See if antique bulbs are right for you in this blog post: Are Edison Bulbs Bright Enough?

Antique Bulb Shapes

Available in variety of shapes, these LED filament bulbs all have their own distinct features and uses:

  • Edison bulbs are the most popular shape and are reproductions of Thomas Edison's first bulb. They typically have a medium (E26) base and are ideal for many decorative fixtures including lamps, pendants, and wall sconces.
  • Victorian bulbs feature a standard A-lamp shape that can be use in pendants, sconces, and lamps.
  • Vintage chandelier bulbs are small, tapered bulbs that can be used for wall sconces, chandeliers, and small decorative lamps. They are available in medium (E26) and candelabra (E12) bases.
  • Antique globe bulbs come in medium and candelabra bases and vary in diameter depending on the number following the 'G' in the name. For example, a G25 will measure around 3.5 inches in diameter. They are an excellent match for fixtures where the bulb can be easily seen, such as open fixtures and pendant lighting.
  • Designed to resemble the vacuum tubes of classic radios, antique tubular bulbs range in sizes. Smaller bulbs starting at around 3.5 inches are suitable for ceiling fans, wall sconces, and other similar fixtures while longer bulbs, measuring about 11 inches in length, are more suited for pendants suspended from higher ceilings and steampunk lighting. (If used in ceiling fans, you will want to use a table lamp or floor lamp as your primary light source.)
  • Vintage S14 bulbs are a top pick for patio string lights. They are available with vertical or horizontal filaments.
  • Vintage silver bowl bulbs are primarily used in pendants and have a chrome finish on the top half of the bulb that helps reflect the light upwards into the pendant, reducing direct glare.
  • Antique oversized bulbs measure around 7 inches in length and approximately 3 inches in diameter, with their unique shape making them ideal for pendants and other fixtures where the bulb is clearly visible.

Vintage Accessories

For the DIY enthusiast creating their own LED filament lamp or someone needing to refurbish a vintage fixture, has you covered with a wide selection of parts and accessories. We offer a variety of dimmable, pull chain, turn-knob, and keyless sockets that can be used with any vintage lighting project. Need to replace an old switch or add one to a fixture? has pull chains, push buttons, toggle switches, and turn knobs in stock. Rewiring is a cinch with our 18/2 lamp wire, available in varying lengths.

Going for a more vintage look? Our rayon antique wire is designed to replicate the look of 1930s silk-wrapped cords and can be paired with antique plugs. Use a twisted cord to add a classic look or try a parallel cord for a more modern appeal. Cloth covered extension cords are also available with stripped ends for hardwiring or with male and female ends. Wire cages provide added protection for LED filament bulbs on exposed pendants or can replace a shade on a decorative lamp to create a more industrial look.

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