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Linear Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent Tubes are commonly used in a range of troffers and wraparound fixtures to light offices and warehouses. They are known for their reliability to provide an even distribution of light wherever it's needed. Fluorescent tubes are offered in a range of sizes and color temperatures for nearly any application.

Fluorescent Tube Color Temperatures

Color temperature refers to the assigned value of the color light a light bulb produces. Fluorescent tubes, which start at 2700 Kelvin, exhibit a yellow color typically found in residences. The more commonly used 4000 Kelvin fluorescent tubes emit a cool white light recommended for offices and work-spaces. A color temperature of 6500 Kelvin is considered full spectrum daylight and is comparable to natural daylight with diffused clouds. A full spectrum light is recommended for display areas, high security areas, and spaces which look best in natural light.

Fluorescent Tube Sizes

Fluorescent tubes come in a range of sizes. You can tell the size and maximum wattage rating for a fluorescent tube by the code detailing its dimensions. T8 for example, means tubular (T) followed by the size/diameter (8). There may also be an abbreviated "HO" which indicates a high-output and "VHO" for very-high-output.

In order to identify which size you need, the easiest way to tell is to read the label near the base of the tube. If this information is no longer legible, you can measure the bulb's diameter. Fluorescent tubes are measured in eighths of an inch. A T8 has a one inch (8/8 inch) diameter, a T5 has a 5/8 inch diameter, and a T12 is a 12/8 inch (1.5 inch) in diameter. If a T12 and a T8 use the same bi-pin base, you can use them interchangeably with the same lighting fixture as long as you double check the milliamp (mA) requirements of the ballast.

Fluorescent Tube Bases not only offers a wide selection of fluorescent tubes, but with also an assortment of bases to fit nearly any lighting fixture. The most widely used are Medium Bi-Pin, Miniature Bi-Pin, and Recessed Double Contact. Unsure about what base type you might need? Contact us and we'll be happy to help!