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Outdoor Solar and Landscape Lighting

Benefits of Solar Lighting

As the technology continues to advance, solar energy is becoming a more and more popular solution to outdoor lighting. This energy-efficient technology requires no electrical wiring for installation. Replacing outdoor lighting with solar powered fixtures can dramatically reduce energy costs since these fixtures don't rely on the power grid in order to operate. Our solar light fixtures are built to last with durable and weather resistant constructions.

Types of Solar Fixtures

Our selection of solar powered LEDs include bollards, garden lights, and pathway lights to light up sidewalks or flower beds. Wall lanterns and porch lights are a great way to help guide guests and delivery drivers to your front or back door. Our selection also has post top lamp fixtures in a variety of color finishes like bronze, white, or black to decorate and illuminate your lawn. Most operate from dusk to dawn allowing you to set it and forget it without having to worry about needing to turn your fixtures on and off.

How to Maximize Your Solar Lighting

Place solar powered light fixtures in an area with plenty of direct sunlight. Ideally, you'll want to find a spot with very little to no shade to ensure the fixture receives a full charge by the end of the day. If possible, position the solar panels so they are facing south if north of the equator, or vice-versa, and tilted up at a 45-degree angle. This placement allows the panels to collect the most solar energy. The solar panels should also be cleared of debris and wiped off with a damp paper towel as needed.

From Victorian style lamp posts to porch lights, is your one-stop shop for solar powered light fixtures and accessories. Let us help you improve your landscape lighting with a solar power upgrade. Contact us to speak to our support staff for assistance.