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Signature LED Light String Systems

Signature commercial Christmas string light systems include standard, icicle, and net light varieties with white or green wiring. They feature wide angle bulbs and can have 12, 22, or 40 connections depending on the string. Strings with white wire are excellent for decorating on ceilings or around structures at your house or office. Alternatively, white strings are great if you want your wiring to stick out on a green tree or to blend in on an artificial white one.

These Signature commercial Christmas light systems are also customizable with white, green, and brown Signature accessories. These accessories include spacer wires, y-splitters, and a plug adapter the strings require in order to operate. Signature accessories cannot be interchanged with products from other brands due to the products’ unique coaxial wiring ends that seal water out. This coaxial wiring makes commercial light systems like these viable options for lighting year-round both indoors and outdoors.

These LED Christmas light stringers do not have replaceable bulbs. In order to be safe for outdoor use, the strings use a single piece molded construction design to keep water from invading their sockets. The stringers will reliably stay lit even if a bulb goes out. If you match colors across a long string or full display of lights, it is best to buy all your light strings at once. Buying the same stringers after a year or more may cause newer string lights to look a little different from the older ones.