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2-8 ft. Track Single Circuit

Build custom runs of track lighting for your home or business by using these 2 to 8-foot single circuit tracks from!

Commonly used for ambient, accent, and general lighting, these single circuit tacks are H-type (or Halo) compatible. H-type track is the most common track used and is easily identified by the three wide wires that run the length of the track. One side will have two wires, while the other will only have one. Single circuit track is designed to be operated by only one wall switch. For track that can be controlled by two switches, use two circuit tracks instead.

Single circuit H-type track has a wide range of accessories. H-type track heads have three contact tips and are available in low voltage and line voltage options. These heads have a variety of styles such gimbal ring, conical, and cylinder. Single circuit accessories include power feeds, track connectors, dead end caps, and other accessories that are needed for installing track lighting.

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