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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is wirelessly controlled light bulbs and light fixtures that can dim and sometimes change color with the touch of your smartphone or tablet. With a quick swipe you can dim light output, adjust Kelvin or hue, select preset lighting scenes, group lights together by room, and create schedules. When incorporated into homes, smart lighting provides greater flexibility and control over your lighting. Working on a craft project? Increase the color temperature to 5000K or higher to help improve visibility. Use voice command to turn the lights on when your hands are full or to turn off the lights when you are leaving. You can even schedule your lights to look as though someone is home when you are actually out of town.

Small businesses can also benefit from smart lighting. Shops such as jewelry or clothing boutiques can quickly adjust lighting to any output or color, providing customers a better idea of how products will appear in varying light. LED smart bulbs with RGB color options are a popular addition to weddings, events, and photography lighting since they can change color quickly without the need for cumbersome gels or wraps.

What is Required to Set Up Smart Lighting?

Setting up smart lighting is fairly easy and in most cases doesn't require installing wall switches or other hardware. Depending on the bulbs and fixtures you select, you may require at least one of the following:

  • Control hubs like Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Echo Plus, or Wink.
  • A WiFi network.
  • A Bluetooth enabled smart phone or tablet.
  • An app for your smartphone or tablet like Apple HomeKit.
  • A voice control system like Alexa or Google Home.

Be sure to pay careful attention to what each LED smart bulb and fixture is compatible with. While many products do require a hub, there are some that only require Bluetooth. Other lights are only compatible with Apple phones. Not sure if your hub is compatible with the smart lighting you've picked out? Our friendly staff of lighting experts can lend a hand. Call 1-800-624-4488 today!