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Outdoor String Lights

Light up your outdoor space with these outdoor string lights. The string lights are great for hanging around fences, railings, walls, from pole to pole, and more. Connect multiple outdoor string lights together to cover larger areas.

Outdoor string lights come in different lengths, with different socket types, different wire colors, and sometimes different wire gauges. It is important to take a moment to ensure you’re buying the correct string light for your application.

LED String Lights

One of the biggest advances in string lights has been in the introduction of LED technology. LED string lights save more energy and still provide the same light output as incandescent string lights. LED string lights are very popular because of their energy saving properties, meaning users can light up their favorite outdoor areas without seeing a significant increase in energy usage.

One of the newest trends in LED string lights is colored LED string lights and smart LED string lights. Smart LED string lights allow the user to control their lighting setup with multiple colors, illumination patters, brightness levels, and more.

Patio String Lights

When you’re planning to hang patio lights, consider whether you’d prefer suspended sockets or in-line sockets. If you don’t want your lights to swing in the wind or prefer for them to be closer to the wire, use in-line socket patio string lights. If you want your bulbs to dangle a little more on the string, choose suspended sockets.