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T8 / T12 Bi-Pin Non-Shunted Sockets

Non-shunted sockets receive power through a single path. These sockets are used in fluorescent fixtures with programmed start, rapid start, and dimming ballasts. Non-shunted lampholders are also required when installing direct wire LED tubes. If your fluorescent fixture has an instant start ballast, you will need shunted sockets.

When retrofitting a fluorescent fixture with a single lamp or replacing an old socket, look for individual non-shunted sockets. Many of these sockets can be used with both T8 and T12 tubes. Some are for T8 tubes only and others are for T8/T12 U-bend lamps.

Non-shunted socket kits are designed specifically for retrofitting 2, 3, or 4 lamp fluorescent fixtures with direct wire LED tubes. The sockets are color coded and come pre-wired together with a quick connector to save time during installation. Red-faced sockets are powered while green-faced sockets are for the non-powered end.

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