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Track Lighting

Track Lights

Whether you need customizable fixtures, adjustable lighting, or a simple way to install new ceiling lights, track lights are incredibly useful. The simple design of track lighting, where a rail carries both the positive and negative leads of a circuit, allows for rapid installation and adjustment between different types of light fixtures. Track lighting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for use in residential and commercial applications as accent lighting for shelves and artwork, task lighting over kitchen islands, or even ambient lighting in long, narrow spaces like hallways. There are three types of tracks: H, J, and L. The terms come from the manufacturers that set the standards for each type: Halo, Juno, and Lightolier. All three types can be single or dual-circuit and all have similar lamp heads and accessories. Single-circuit tracks mean all track heads turn on and off together; with dual-circuit tracks, there can be two groups of track heads synced to turn on and off independently of one another. While all three track options look basically the same, H, J, and L tracks and their accessories are not interchangeable, so be sure to choose wisely, especially when extending existing track lights.

Track Lighting Types

The most popular and widely used track style is H-type. H-type tracks feature a dedicated grounding bus bar and 3 contact points, while the J-type and L-type tracks have a built-in grounding channel in the track itself and just two wires. carries a wide selection of H-type compatible products in low-voltage and line-voltage options, H-type tracks in a variety of lengths, and some L-type and J-type compatible track heads. For quick and convenient installation, consider line-voltage track packs, which include all of the accessories and parts needed to install. Line voltage track packs are available in halogen and LED options. also carries a wide variety of track heads, including well-known styles like the flat-back cylinder, step cylinder and barn door heads, and more unique styles like the projector and gimbal-ring track heads. Most track light fixtures are designed for use with either single or dual-circuit tracks with the positive contact able to flip up or down depending on desired use. Track heads come in several finish options.

LED Track Lights

LED track lighting is the latest technology in track lights. Now all the features of traditional track lighting can combined with the energy efficiency of LED. LED track lights come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes and are compatible with various tack types. Opt for high CRI LED track lights to ensure colors appear as bright and accurate as possible. With color selectable LED track lights users can change the color temperature of their track lighting setup on the fly. Whether installing a new track lighting application or updating existing track lighting, it is a good idea to consider LED track lights.

Line-Voltage vs. Low-Voltage Track Lighting

Line-voltage track lighting uses the standard 120 volts found in outlets and junction boxes, meaning they are simple to install, basically plug-and-play. Low-voltage track lights typically use 12 or 24 volts and requires a transformer, either integrated or located remotely, to reduce the line voltage from the standard 120 volts to avoid burn outs. Each option offers its own benefits from quality of light to operating costs and variety of fixtures.

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