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Black Wire Patio String Lights

Available with candelabra (E12), intermediate (E17), and medium (E26) bases, black wire patio string lights have either in-line or suspended sockets. In-line sockets are close to the main wire and are a good choice for covering shorter distances or as a temporary installation. Suspended sockets resemble small pendant lights, with the socket and bulb hanging below the main wire. These strings are preferred for permanent installations or runs that span a longer distance. Each socket has an eyelet at the top to allow you to add a guy wire (or guy-line) to help reinforce the sting and prevent sagging.

Black wire patio light strings can be used with incandescent or LED bulbs. Popular choices include S14, A15, globes, and vintage antique bulbs. When deciding which bulbs to use, you will need to consider the wattage. Patio lights have a maximum wattage, or the total wattage the string can handle, that cannot be exceeded. For instance, a 15 socket sting with a maximum wattage of 1,200 Watts means that each bulb can use up to 80 Watts (1,200 divided by 15 is 80). If you plan on connecting two strings together, the max wattage for the run stays the same and the individual bulb wattage decreases to 40 Watts spread over 30 sockets. Go with LED bulbs for long runs or to take the math out of your installation preparations as they use far less power than incandescents.

Decorating Ideas and Tips

Black wire patio string lights can be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Add lights to your covered patio or gazebo by hanging strings from overhead beams. If you're handy at DIY projects, you can make light posts using planters and wood poles to run lights around a picnic table, fire pit, or outdoor sitting area. Patio string lights can even be strung across the yard to provide soft lighting during your next outdoor barbeque. For weddings, drape lights behind food and cake tables to create a stunning backdrop or hang multiple strings over the dance floor for beautiful ambient lighting.

To get the most out of your patio lights, keep these helpful tips in mind. Don't wrap patio string lights around trees or columns. The bulbs risk breaking if knocked into a hard surface by the wind. You should avoid draping lights though tree branches as well. For permanent outdoor installations, use bulbs that are wet location rated. These bulbs are designed to withstand direct contact with water and other weather. Damp location rated bulbs can used outdoors temporarily, but should be taken down once you are done using the lights unless if used under cover in a permanent installation where protected from direct contact with water.

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