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Incandescent Mini Lights

Wedding Lights

Hang or wrap these incandescent mini light strings to create ambient lighting for weddings and other celebrations. Wrap wedding lights around trees or columns, suspend them from branches or ceilings to create curtain lights, or even drape them around tables.

During the winter, these incandescent mini lights’ white wiring is ideal for blending with snow and keeps it from clashing with almost any environment indoors. Whether you’re decorating indoors or outdoors, these wedding lights will look like a dream.

Multiple stringers can be linked together to create runs if one string is not as long as you would like. However, string lights have a maximum wattage or connection they can handle, so be sure to check how many of yours can be safely linked together to keep your run safely lit. When bulbs go out, you can replace them with some of the several spares that come with the strings. The string will stay lit even if a bulb burns out but be sure to replace it quickly to keep other bulbs from going out.